Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thoughts on The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman

"Your soul is a living, breathing, organic thing. No different than your heart or your legs. And just like your heart keeps your blood oxygenated and your legs keep you moving around, your soul gives you the ability to do amazing, beautiful things." (The Tiny Wife, Andrew Kaufman)

The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman (Kindle Edition)
The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman is a relatively short novella telling a modern fable. The story starts when a robber walks into a bank asking for the most sentimental objects the people in the bank have on them. He tells them that with the object he takes 51 percent of their souls with him and if they don’t figure out how to grow them back, they will die. Thereafter, the characters have some rather bizarre things happen to them. For example, Stacey, the main character, started shrinking in the days that followed the robbery. Another woman found God underneath her couch and put him in the washing machine because he looked filthy.

Although what was happening to the characters was very odd, they did seem to challenge them. They had to either face their fears or, like Stacey, work on the relationships they had with their loved ones. Not everyone succeeded and therefore they died. But, those who did succeed, ended up changing for the better.

What would you do?

This book made me think. A lot. What would I give? Do I carry objects with me that might, even though I believe they help me, are holding me back? Do I have things that hold me from facing facts and dealing with stuff I have to deal with?

Yes, I do. I always, and I mean ALWAYS carry my iPod and a book with me. Those things might seem a little materialistic, but they keep me safe. They shut the big bad world around me up for a while and allow me to be in my own safe and cosy world where there is always coffee and hot chocolate. And even if I don’t want to be alone with my own thoughts, they tend to be able to shut me up too.

So, would I be better off leaving my IPod our books at home sometimes? Do I overprotect myself sometimes? Or is shutting the world out every once in a while just as important as taking it all in?



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